Noah Fidlin

Local Aquatic Life

Over the summer of 2018, I hand carved a 32” by 64” piece of plywood to roughly match a small black and white illustration I made by hand, intending to later bring my completed woodblock to Really Big Prints, an event at the University of Wisconsin Manitowoc, to make relief prints of my carved image. I spent many hours carving out the basic image of my design, then continuously looked over the carved image, searching for areas that could be more detailed. While in some ways the piece was figured out before I even started on the woodblock, I believe it was also very improvised, as a handful of technical issues happened along the way that needed troubleshooting.

I knew from the start that my relief prints would turn out slightly different than how I imagined, and yet I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I am thankful for the assistance from Saint Norbert College, Professor Katie Ries, my family and the communities of UW Manitowoc and Really Big Prints. None of this would have been possible without any of them.