Noah Fidlin

Packaging Design Assignment

One of our assignments for my Advertising Design course at Saint Norbert College was to design packaging for a product of our choice. Since I wanted to try creating packaging that had a more natural feel to it, I decided to do design work for a fake incense brand called Vakna Incense. Utilizing multiple paper, ink, pencil and leaf textures, my aim was to create boxes that looked very handmade and natural to them.

On a different note, while I understand that the photos of leaves on the packaging are not representative of the actual plants that the fragrances are based on, they were mostly intended to be used as a placeholder instead of utilizing any stock images. I felt that using pictures of actual leaves would help to give my classmates and professor an understanding of the general feel of the product as close to what it actually could be.

Overall, I felt that using various textures, photos and inks as opposed to solely using vectors and downloadable royalty-free textures helped to give my packaging a sense of naturalism and personality, meeting my personal goals for the project.