Noah Fidlin

Boards of Canada Screenprint

I am always searching for different musicians to listen to, so a few months ago I came across the group Boards of Canada. After listening to their record "The Campfire Headphase", I was absolutely hooked.

Since I love their music, I wanted to create a screenprint that captures some of their qualities that I've enjoyed and found similar to my own work. While much of the design work to this poster was done digitally, I knew I wanted there to be a certain type of grit and grain to the piece, reflecting on the distortion and beautiful imperfections to their songs. Because it is a screenprint, you're already going to get a look that isn't entirely pristine and perfect, so I knew this was my best option for a true distressed look.

I decided to create a halftone layer in Photoshop using an old image of the duo performing, originally uploaded by the user Angular on Wikipedia. The cloud drawing and hand lettering of the band's name was done with permanent marker on paper, the scanned and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. Most of the fades and scratched marks were done using digital texture files, then brought to life after they were printed by hand.

I found the final collection of prints to be quite an accurate representation of how I interpret their music. Not only that, but I feel like my design is strikingly different from my other pieces, especially when looking at it in person.