Noah Fidlin


Recently I have gotten into film photography, particularly using Polaroid film. While I have loved the results of Polaroid, I wanted to experiment with other options. This eventually resulted in me getting some Fujicolor 200 35mm film for one of my cameras.

While this camera “technically” isn't a disposable camera, it is very rudimentary, not having a manual focus, an adjustable lens or shutter speed. Also, it was about $10 and has to be held together with tape, so that practically meets all of my standards for “disposable”.

I was hoping to get results that replicated the bright, vintage look of some of my favorite film photographers. However, after getting the film developed, the results were much more murky and mysterious for the most part. Many of the photos were taken in darker settings or on cloudy days, giving a lot of my pictures a harsher look.

However, I grew to really enjoy these photos. While these weren’t the photos I necessarily wanted, they are now photos I really enjoy, especially after boosting the elements I love about them with the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop.

While I probably won’t develop much more film with my disposable 35mm camera, it’s a project that really pushed my creative improvisation. However, I still want to continue using 35mm film, though preferably with a much more solid camera.

Noah Fidlin