Noah Fidlin

Gig Poster Assignment

For my Advertising Design course at Saint Norbert College, we were asked to create a large gig poster and logo. Since I am a sucker for the posters and artwork of bands such as My Bloody Valentine, The Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth, I thought creating a collage for the poster with a psychedelic-like logo would be a fun challenge. The person in the collage is made up of a stock photo and a picture of a classic actress turned into heavily distressed halftones. The background, meanwhile, is made up an outer space photo and some homemade textures. I chose to make the band’s logo by utilizing the photocopy feature on my printer, heavily stretching and roughening up a sans serif typeface. I thought the end product turned out quite successful, as it is both visually interesting and representative of the bands that influenced this poster.